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Dr. Edgar Medina

After experiencing Marc Ison Design's professionalism and breadth of services first hand during a visit to Las Vegas, Edgar decided to help encourage growth of the Association Management-side of the business by suggesting that a new company be formed that was better named to represent more than design services.  Marc Ison Design officially closed in 2010 and transferred its client list to the new corporation.

By opening an office for Nth Degree Group in Colombia, South America, Edgar was able to move a majority of the design and simple administration to a lower cost center, thus lowering the hourly charges for non-profits and other businesses.

Although Dr. Medina has left Colombia for the USA and is pursuing Medical Auditing to continue his career in Medicine, he is an integral part of the Nth Degree success story with continued investment.

Anderson Velez
Medellin Office

Anderson is the Director of our Colombian Office.  He is currently studying English to be an even greater asset to the firm.

Barry Lippold
International Projects and Sales

Barry is our Consultant for International Projects, and manages the day-to-day operations of the firm. Barry has over 30  years of experience in Human Resources, Franchising, Marketing, Printing, Design and Website Marketing and has been instrumental in our change from a domestic company to a company with an international presence.

Barry is also a singer/songwriter who continues to record music for projects. Barry splits his time between living in Southern Florida and visiting Medellin.

Gabriela Medina
Medellin Office

What is an office without an office Mom?  Gaby takes care of all of us; Feeds us, cleans us (well, sorry, cleans the office!), prepares the ingredients so that our resident Chef (Barry) can go all "Rachael Ray" and whip up our meals in 30 minutes or less.