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"Don't be Bland. Be Grand."

This was a party tagline and website we created for a grand re-opening party for one of our printing partners.

It holds especially true for most websites.  You want to attract attention and stand out from the crowd while at the same time presenting an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate format to enable your visitors to get to the content they want.

Our recipe to make this happen for you?  A whole lot of creativity tempered by a bit of competitive research with a dash of excellence.  Build on that by using a foundation of experience and add in professionalism and affordable pricing, and you've got a winning website.

In fact, some of the biggest complaints we hear about our profession are based around the same issues:  Professionalism and Communication:  "My Website Designer/Design firm won't return my calls/emails" or "They're too busy" or "They are constantly late on my project(s)."

Our Executive Team comes from a long line of Professionals and Businessmen who know what is customer service and professionalism:  A Doctor, A Human Resource Professional and Business Owner.  Design and Marketing were hobbies for these two, but then became a passion and grew into Nth Degree Media and Management Group, Inc.

And remember, a website is nothing without visitors, so see also our sections on SEO and Google AdWords to learn how we put your website to work for you.

Website Design Services: Partial Services List

Template-based Sites

Basic Marketing Sites

Semi-Custom Small Business Sites

Custom Websites


Membership /Event Sales Technology

Association Management

Custom Blogs

Custom Email Subscription/Email Marketing Engines

File Upload Systems

Customer Protected Areas

Product Quote Requests and other data-collecting Forms

Content Management System based sites

HTML5/CSS3/Javascript (iPhone and iPad compatible animation)

Flash to HTML5/CSS3/Javascript Conversions

Music Players

Sound and Video Players

Web Chat/Web Cam Technology